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Gloucester City Council
Gloucester City Council provides a wide range of services which make a real difference to the quality of peoples lives. Click below to get more information about these services, find out who runs the council and the current opportunities to work for us.
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Funeral In Print
Funeral in Print, Literature for Funeral Services is a 45 page booklet to aid families and friends of deceased loved ones to select literature for the Funeral Service.
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Editor Editorial - Gloucester
Gloucester history-----Gloucester has an enthralling history, with landmarks as famed cathedral to the once hub of the sharpness canal the Victorian Docklands. Originally called Caer Glow, (splendid city, by the Celts). Gloucester has been in existence foe 2000 years as a towncity, Originally the Romans developed the city, building a fortress in Kingsholm in AD43, they kept control until AD577. During the battle of Dyrham in 577 the Saxons regained control to which there are still 30 Villas from the Roman Empire in Gloucestershire today.--------------------------Gloucester AbbeyGloucesters importance was revived in AD681 when an abbey was founded.There is still debate among many scholars as to who created the primary building However an earthquake happened August, 1089 that critically damaged the building During July 15th, 1100, the entire church was dedicated to the Chronicle of Florence of Worcester it is still unclear as to how finished the building was at that time. Then there was severe damage by fire around 1101 and 1122.It is also known that one of the western towers fell sometime around 1164 and 1179 it was reconstructed and rededicated in 1242 only to be structurally damaged by another fire during the feast of the Epiphany in 1300 following that there were numerous later changes and additions to the buildings. When the monastery was closed by Henry VIII created the Protestant Episcopal Church and made this building its Cathedral of the diocese. --------------------------The buildings now house the tombs of King Edward IIIt is now Over 500 years ago that a monk (Nicholas Flamel) of the then Gloucester Abbey left to pursue his great alchemical achievements.Most recently Gloucester Cathedral has had a boost in interest thanks to the J.K. Rowlings works about Harry Potter to which some of the scenes of the film where produced. --------------------------Gloucester Docks --------------------Gloucester's Docks are the furthest from the sea than any in Britain at one time they were teeming with ocean-going ships from all corners of the world.Gloucester has now been a working port for over 2,000 years. At the Docks you can see influences from Georgian, Victorian, Gothic periods and even Ancient Greek styling. Gloucester was a major port in the middle ages but its importance was diluted by the growth of Bristol At some stage in the 1700's Gloucester was run by the upper classes rather than the merchants. --------------------------In 1827 to rekindle Gloucester's affluence and status artificial docks and the sharpness canal were built and opened making them a major port because of the connection with the mouth of the Severn.Did you know Gloucester FactsThe Doomsday Book was ordered by William the Conqueror in Gloucester Gloucester was the home of parliament between 1043 and 1062 and again in 1378.Its thought that the Quakers first came to Gloucester in 1655.During the World War II, Gloucester was famous for its aircraft and the development of the jet engine by Mr.Frank Whittle.Dick Whittington was born in Gloucester in 1350 and become Lord Mayor of London.--------------------------
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